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The The International Security Academy(ISA) facility is located on 400 acres of property next to Keystone Heights Airport in Starke, Florida. All tracks, classrooms, ranges, and training facilities are located on a single, secure site controlled by ISA.

The strength of the ISA campus is that all classroom facilities, road courses, dirt tracks, and skid pads are located together and can be interconnected to one another to create countless different training scenarios that simulate real world driving challenges. Our tracks can be configured into innumerable different training courses and scenarios to tailor each class to the client’s specific needs.

ISA is located in Central Florida adjacent to the Camp Blanding Army Base. Due to our geographic location we are able to train 12 months a year. Our average temperature per year is 79.2 degrees Fahrenheit, our elevation is 196 feet, and our annual precipitation is 50.4 inches. Keystone Heights Airport is a functioning airfield with a 5000 ft. runway capable of landing a C-130 aircraft. ISA has agreements in place that enable us to make use of the extensive range systems at Camp Blanding. ISA has an onsite DOD/DOJ approved Armory for securing all weapons, ammunition, and sensitive items.


ISA has years of experience and significant past performance in training a wide range of specialized units and operators across the U.S. government, including both U.S. military and Federal law enforcement. ISA regularly trains SOF in advanced vehicle dynamics and high-speed car control techniques and our instructors, curricula, facility, and vehicle fleet are unmatched in the world of advanced driving schools. We offer an experience that is continually updated and improved to keep pace with advances in vehicle performance, engineering technology and current tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), as well as the students’ respective operational theater or area of operations (AO).


ISA instructors are all highly experienced and trained in advanced car control and high-speed vehicle dynamics. Every Instructor at ISA has at least 4 years (and our Lead Instructor has over 20 years) experience training students on all surfaces, terrain, and in all vehicle platforms to include, rear-wheel drive (RWD), front-wheel drive (FWD), all-wheel drive (AWD) cars, trucks, SUVs, as well as all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility terrain vehicles (UTV) – both during the day and at night. Our instructor base is a broad mix of former and current SOF personnel, former and current race car drivers from various disciplines, as well as master mechanics and fabricators.


Our course curricula and vehicle fleet provides a high level of training that goes far beyond what other programs offer. ISA has developed a best-in-class system of instruction with the most current and relevant training curricula in the industry, this allows students to train outside of their comfort zones, expand their personal performance limits, and push the limits of the vehicle on all types of terrain. ISA facilities offer a unique and extensive mix of both on and off-road scenarios that tightly replicate the high-threat real-world environments that our students operate in. ISA also provides custom-tailored instruction, often in advance of overseas deployment. All courses can be adjusted to include driving under low-light or night conditions with client provided Night Vision equipment (NVGs/NODs) and can include Personal Security Driver’s training such as convoy operations, PIT/Counter-PIT maneuvers, and J-Turns at no additional cost to the client.


Safety is our paramount concern at ISA. Our training program is closely controlled and extremely precise – we have never had a student or instructor injured in any training course at any time at ISA. Our vehicle fleet is meticulously maintained, fitted with effective and modern safety features and our instructors work to ensure that driver safety remains a priority throughout all training evolutions. ISA also has full and ready access to emergency medical technicians (EMT), related emergency services and maintains comprehensive on-site plans for any contingency or emergency.

Tactical Shooting
  • Long range precision rifle/DMR
  • Pistol/Carbine
  • Breaching/Light explosives
  • Foreign weapons
  • Machine gun
  • Crew served automatic weapons
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Small Unit Tactics/IADS
  • Aerial Gunnery