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4-Day Off-Road Recovery Course: In my opinion, the training I received at ISA was exceptional because, of the large percentage of hands-on/practical experience received throughout. The instructors at ISA impressed me because of their knowledge base and wealth of experience. What I enjoyed the most about my training was the little to no downtime and pace of the course. ISA took our operating environment and adapted the training to meet our needs and training requirements.

Student US Army 3/20th Special Forces Group

5-Day High Risk Driving Course: I liked using a variety of vehicles and being allowed to push to our limits. I also enjoyed Driving off-road. I have been to several law enforcement driving courses and non have utilized the variety of terrain or vehicles that we used here.

Student Federal Bureau of Investigation

75th Ranger RSTB Rally Driver Training Course: I enjoyed the ability to transition from loose to hard surface multiple times in one run. Instruction on different platforms on different surfaces sets this course aside from others. Bryn has provided another great course of instruction to our guys. There was a lot of improvement in driving skill for all of us.

Student US Army 75th Ranger Regiment

Rally Driver Training Course: Rally dirt track and asphalt surface changes adds realism to relevant driving. Dirt tracks out in the woods, helps with keeping vehicles in control in bad terrain. Different instructors with different backgrounds adds perspective and different learning styles. Thank you and all the staff at the office and out with us in the cars for your outstanding efforts.

Student Canadian Special Operation Forces

3 Day Rally Driver Training Course: Honestly I’ve loved everything so far. Great learning experience and the instructors have shown a vast amount of knowledge. They also know how to explain, demonstrate and have the student implement what has been taught. Driving Rally and Off-road are great experiences.

Student 3rd MSOB MSOT 8301